The booking system for large and small rental agencies

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What is firstbooking?

Firstbooking is a management system for rental agencies with rentals all over europe.
The system secures great effeciency in the administration of your agency while adding great possibilities for marketing efforts on your own website as well as global rental portals.

The system is simple and userfriendly. The interface is available in English, German and Danish. And the presentation of rentals is also available in different languages.
Firstbooking creates the rental agreements for the rentee, can handle contracts with the owners and has many features for dynamic pricing, season setups, last-minute discounts etc.

The administrative modules in Firstbooking can be purchased seperately, so it is possible to start with a very simple system and expand as you go. You only pay for the features you need.

Easy and fast updating

Firstbooking gives you the tools you need to update the house information on your rentals, in a userfriendly and easy way. You also have the possibilty to give your houseowners access to edit the information on their own houses.

Online Booking

When your customers book a holiday rental online, you can feel secure that they have booked the holiday rental with the extra services that they want. 

Your customers will feel secure when they get an email confirmation of what they have booked and how much they have paid.