Optimize your rental agency!

- with our booking system, firstbooking.

Let Firstbook handle all the time consuming, tiresome, yet necessary administrative tasks. Instead, use your time and energy on development, planning and customer relations.
With Firstbooking you'll gain a new colleague, and in return, you will have the time to manage your business the way it ought to, without neglecting the necessary administrative tasks.
Now, you will have the time to focus on what you are good at.


Easy to Update

Firstbooking offers you plenty of possibilities to update information about the individual houses; furthermore, it gives each individual house owner the possibility to correct information about their own house. Easy management of both owner and house information with and easily understood interface.


Online Booking

Let your customers book summer houses online, so you will be sure that they see the right information and prices.

The booking form automatically checks if the information matches and inserts the booking offline to avoid double bookings.


Automatic Contracts

The system automatically sends contracts to the owner, incl. your terms of use, key information and the possibility to include individual guidelines for the respective houses.

The owner has the option to receive an email the house has been rented. The renter automatically receives a receipt upon verification that either rate 1 or 2 have been received by the owner. (This is just an example of the 14 system related mails that can be sent in three different languages.)


Flexible modularity

Firstbooking is modular, which ensures that you can start out with a system tailored to your needs, but which also has the potential to grow with your needs.
You call, and whichever function you wish to be accessible, will be made so available.


24/7 support

At Firstbooking there is 24/7 surveillance of all systems, and the possibility to contact a technician around the clock, should you experience any technical issues.

During normal business hours, there will be free support on all parts of the system, by either phone, chat or email. No extra fees is required to keep the system running or to receive any support.


Integration with various portals

Option to integrate with ex. cofman.com. summerhusudlejning.dk, feline.dk, fejo.dk or your preferred business partner, to ensure increased rentals.


Book directly from Facebook

Firstbooking also offers to integrate a booking function directly on your Facebook page, if Facebook is used actively. 


Individual design

Firstbooking delivers individually tailored websites as part of the solution. We offers two free templates that you can use or we can integrate the booking section and the house view section etc., with any existing websites if needed. (We deliver websites in either Danish, German or English depending on the customers needs)